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Phase 1: Storm Advisory

When a storm is predicted to be 3 days from potential impact to the areas we serve.

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  • Community Managers and Regional Managers will be sending out community specific communication via eblast.

  • Community Managers and onsite Managers will ensure essential services providers are available during and after the storm.

  • Community Managers are working closely with your Board to identify those Board Members who will be a point of contact during and after the storm.

  • Constantly updating our website and phones with updates and changes. 

  • Community Managers will verify insurance information and contacts are up to date for each association.

  • Community Managers will coordinate with contractors and vacant lot owners to properly secure any construction related materials.

  • Once a forecasted storm is projected to impact any of the areas we serve, CAMS dedicated "Severe Weather Team" begins meeting daily to ensure consistent and adequate service levels are being met.

  • We will identify a "Jump Team", employees that are available during an emergency to help maintain communications and adequate service levels during and after the impacts of severe weather.



  • Clear Drains: If you have drains near your home or within your yard, it is advisable to clear them in advance of any rain event, as well as check them periodically for debris accumulation to keep them flowing at full capacity. 

  • Clear pop-ups: If applicable, you may also want to check and clear your gutter pop-up drains at the street, or in rear yards, etc. as may be needed.  

  • Secure exterior items: In the event of high winds, please secure exterior furniture, umbrellas, trash, decorative items, etc. to help avoid the chance that they could become projectiles.  If you are in a condo/high rise you may want to bring in your furniture off your lanais. 

  • Drainage: Additional drain time and standing water is to be expected with tropical storm conditions and once the rain abates, this water should be absorbed though the overall storm water system. The storm water ponds and tributaries will collect the stormwater runoff, and it will take time for the water to drain from localized areas and then it will be absorbed. Many areas may experience localized flooding.

  • Water: Avoid any standing water on roads and do not attempt to cross any flooded roadways by vehicle or on foot since the depths and currents can be misleading and dangerous. Please be cautious at intersections and low points along the roads in in your community.

  • Emergency Kit: In the event of a storm it is helpful to have on-hand emergency supplies such as flashlights, batteries, candles, canned food, water, cash, first-aid kit, gas in your car, emergency phone numbers, etc.  Prepare your home and your family:

  • Pool Closings: If conditions warrant, Pool Companies will be closing the pools, securing the furniture, umbrellas, etc. Please lower umbrellas after use, in any case.  If conditions warrant and the pool closes, staff will reopen as is possible; information will likely be emailed out. 

  • Landscapers: Your neighborhood HOA landscapers will provide clean up information to the Community Mangers after the situation is assessed. Additional storm debris clean up info will be sent out after the weekend, if warranted. 

  • Elevator(s): Elevator Companies have been contacted and will take appropriate measures to secure the elevators for your Association.

  • Boats:  All boat owners should make proper arrangements to remove boats from marinas or properly secure in advance of the storm.

  • Corral Users:   Please properly tie down, secure or remove anything that could become airborne during the storm. 

  • Home Irrigation Systems:  All irrigations systems should be turned off until after the storm passes.

  • Renters:  If you have renters leasing your property, please make sure that they receive copies of these emergency notices. Short-term renters (less than two weeks) must comply with mandatory evacuation issued by local municipalities.

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