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Phase 4: Homeowner Storm Recovery Information

When a storm has passed through the area.

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  • CAMS will coordinate an initial inspection to assess the impact to your community.  Our team members will focus attention on road access, downed trees affecting houses and buildings, and mitigation for roof leaks.

  • Next actions include a more thorough, secondary assessment that will be scheduled based on initial observations.

  • Communications will be sent from your Community Manager and Board of Directors regarding damages and coordination of recovery efforts in the days and weeks ahead through your portal at


  • Use our website to report damages by submitting service requests.  SUBMIT HERE


Once it is declared safe by authorities to do so, help recovery by: 

  • Inspecting your home for any damage and reporting that damage to your insurance company. Take pictures for your records. 

  • Try to avoid roads so that emergency personnel can access them easily. 

  • ALERT CAMS of emergency situations pertaining to common area amenities by:

  • If there is a life-threatening situation, always call 911. 

Since it may be difficult to communicate in areas that are affected, CAMS emergency protocol dictates that CAMS will be providing client service during and after storms from offices that are located outside affected areas. Updates will be posted to, so check this site regularly for the latest information. 


Governmental authorities typically allow first responders to enter an area to assess roads, power grids, gas lines, and other potential dangers before they can allow the public to travel. This can take time, sometimes several days, and it is important to avoid hindering that process. This is best accomplished by staying out of their way so they can complete their work more efficiently, which results in a faster recovery. Often, these areas will be restricted, and CAMS employees will not be allowed to visit properties. Our goal, furthermore, is to ensure the safety of our employees by prioritizing life before property. 


Once access to affected locations is cleared by authorities, the CAMS team will make a preliminary assessment of damage and identify priorities for the Association. This can be through a site visit by a CAMS employee or by coordinating with designated residents who remained during the storm. 


The first priorities will be to remove debris, including trees, from streets and roofs so that it is safe to access the area.  Instructions for debris disposal will be communicated through the CAMS Owner Portal at If a roof has suffered a leak, the first step is to dry out the building. 


If there is no power, all repairs, including prioritized repairs, will be delayed. Emergency service providers will also be severely impacted and may not be immediately available, even for the most serious damage. We will do our best to work with our vendors to have the best response time that we can. Please be patient during this emotionally volatile time. Planning, cooperation, and patience will ensure the best outcome possible for everyone. 

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